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Breaktime "basket"

  • Selection of teeny sandwiches and wraps

Business platter

  • Baguette sandwiches (3pcs/pers.)
    Garnish: club, Italian, tuna, chicken curry…

"Meeting" platter

    Half baguette served open, with beef carpaccio, "apple honey goat cheese",Philadelfia cheese + salmon, tuna salad, "americain", chicken/aubergines .(3pcs/pers.)

"Conference" platter

    "pains brioches" (French origin , made of flour, egg, butter, milk,cream) which gives a more tender crumb. Served with ham, Italian, cheese, tuna…

Ambassadeur "sea" or "earth"

  • Selection of different seeds breads (sesame…)
    Sea : Philadelphia cheese + salmon, schrimps, crab, Norway lobster (Langoustines)
    Earth : Beef carpaccio, rostbeaf, "americain" , Italian ham, "apple honey goat cheese","Brie cheese + honey + nuts" …

Wraps "platter"

  • Selection of wraps served on sticks "sea" "Philadelphia cheese + salmon", Aubergines, zucchini, carpaccio, parm cheese.

Le Diplomate

  • Finger cut sandwich with smoked ham, salmon + Philadelphia cheese, duck mousse & oignon confit ,shrimps.

Lunch Pack

  • Un lunch pack avec 3 small bread with garnish, one salad ( niçoise, feta or other) and one dessert.

    Min 5 persons.



Surprise bread

  • Teeny "pains brioches" (4pcs/pers)
    Tuna, crab salad, chicken curry, ham, cheese…